Friday, 25 October 2013

Favourites of the Month: The Spooktacular Edition

Okay so here is my favourites of the month after about a month of promising to do it! 
I was going to do just do my favourite Halloween-ish songs of the month. However, since Halloween is the time of fright and fun, I figured I would show you some things I love of the holiday and for Autumn!
So here is my list of favourite things this month!

This season I listen to a lot of songs that have guitar or an acoustic sounds, however, when in October you must get your eccentric on, so here are a few songs that fall into the spooky or kooky category!
-Kim JaeJoong's "Mine" (Korea):
-the GazettE's "The Invisible Wall" (Japan):
-SuG's "P!NK Masquerade" (Japan):
-Lee Jung Hyun's "V" (Korea):
-Kerli's "Tea Party" (United States):
-Kanon Wakeshima's "Lolitawork Libretto" (Japan):
-Rihanna's "Disturbia" (United States):
-Xia Junsu's "Tarantallegra" (Korea):
-Kerli's "Walking On Air" (United States):
-Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" (United States):

(Note: The brackets mean where it was produced.)

I drink a lot of warm things when this season comes around!
-Twining's Earl Grey Tea
-David's Tea's Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine Green Tea
-Nestlé's After Eight Hot Chocolate
-Starbucks' Caffe Latte 
-Tetley's Chai Tea
But I also really like the cold ones as well!
-Tim Horton's Iced Capp

I love home cooked and hearty warm foods during this season!
-Squash Soup
-Pumpkin Pie
-Shepard's Pie

Just down to basics!
-My little black booties
-UGG-like boots (I have the 1/4 the price kind)

The best TV shows always come on in the Autumn.
-The Blacklist
-Sean Saves the World
-The Michael J. Fox  Show

I am pretty unoriginal with movies...
-anything Scooby-Doo
-The Adams Family

Yeah, um, I haven't read anything to rave about this fall...

Nail Polish Colours!
I really like rich dark colours or light cool colours for this season. Adding in a bit of red keeps things interesting as well!
-Essie's Aruba Blue
-Essie's Maximillion Strasse-her
-Essie's Fifth Avenue
-Revlon's Chic
-Rimmel's Venus 
-Rimmel's  Powerhouse

Make Up!
I really like to keep my makeup easy to wear between night and day. Sticking to neutral shades of eye shadow, a sleek cat eye and berry coloured blush and lipstick is how I walk about the leaf covered streets!
-Urban Decay's Naked 2 Pallette
-L'Oreal Paris's 12 hr Infallible The Super Slim liquid eyeliner in Black
-Estée Lauder's Long Lasting Shimmer Lipstick in Pink Parfait
-Elizabeth Arden's Colour Intrigue Cheek colour in Berry Blush
-Shiseido's Eye Lash Curler

I like very warm scents with undertones of woods and fruits, but I also like a clean scent like green tea to cleanse your senses!
-Bath and Bodywork's Black Raspberry Vanilla perfume
-Bath and Bodywork's Twilight Woods body spray
-Bath and Bodywork's Secret Wonderland body spray
-L'Occitane En Provence's Thé Vert eau de toilette 

That concludes my favourites of the month! In this blog post I have used a lot of exclamation points... If you have any other ideas for future products I should try, drop me a line! If you like this post comment or share!  Bye guys!!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

New Facebook Page!!!

Here is the new Facebook page! The official The Odd and Wondrous: COVER TO COVER Facebook page!  Click here to see:

The Fox: My Happy Song

Okay, so I guess I have to come up with an excuse but apparently I have many so I am going to to tell the truth. I have been doing homework. Please don't shoot me. Now this in itself is quite stressful because since I was away from school for two weeks it has piled up. To say I am stressed out is an understatement. 
I had decided that to release the stress, I was going to watch the newest Glee episode, because a) I am a total Gleek and b) it's a mother-daughter bonding show between my mum and I. Boy was I wrong. I spent the whole episode crying my eyes out, which it has to be said does not make stress any better! 
To regain some composure in order to take the dog outside I had to find something that makes me happy, so I tried coming up with some ideas. Here is my list:
- Korean Dramas (Specifically, Heirs with Lee Min Ho)
- Watch The Game Of Thrones
- Green tea
- YouTube
- BBC radio ( the Dan and Phil show)
- Instagram cruising 
-  and The Fox song (the viral Norwegian video)
Surprising, or unsurprising if you have met me, The Fox song was the only thing that helped! I just find that the song is therapeutic in a very odd and curious way. It is probably easier just to show the video. Click the link to watch the video:
This blog post is short but I honestly don't think I want to type make this was mostly just to tide you over until my next post, which hopefully will be up soon.
So sorry guys, but in need to go watch Heirs or The Game Of Thrones now. If you have any idea of what I should talk about just drop me a line in the comments or on my google+(please on my personal google+ because I can't figure out how to get it on to the blog google+). I also want you guys to respond the following question: 
When you feel down or stressed out what do you guys do?

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Boston Blog: With Pictures!

So my trip to Boston was good but I came homie am now somewhat worse for ware. So here is a collage of my trip!
In here is a couple of separate trips to Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall, The Charlestown Navy Yard/ S.S Constitution, and downtown! We also went to the Target which we now have in Canada but we aren't as well stocked so we checked it out!!!