Friday, 29 November 2013

Favourite Things of the Month: The Snovember Edition

Believe it or not guys we are coming up on the craziest couple of days. Chanukah has started, Christmas is almost here and New Years is right around the corner! So has a pre-holiday party I am going to discuss my favourites of the month!

As previously said in a previous blog post, I have been really loving acoustic music! So here we go!
-One Direction's "Story of My Life", (click here:
I really like this song because of the way the background music matches the boys' voices. It might also be the fact that I have a huge crush on Liam. Anyways check it out!
- Daniela Andrade's cover of Landon Pigg's "Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop", (click here:
Alright so there are many reasons why this song is one of my favourite this month. 1) it is really good, 2) Michelle Phan introduced me to Daniela, 3) This song really helps me write the novel that I am trying to write and 4) Daniela is Canadian!!!!
- A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's "Say Something", (click here:
I really like this song. The lyrics are incredibly sad and so is the video, however the harmonies and the piano just make me extremely relaxed. If anything it gets better with the more you listen to it.
-Sean Quigley's cover of "Little Drummer Boy", (click here:
Now this video went viral about 2 years ago, however, my Manitoban pride must show and it is extremely prominent whenever I listen to this song. Sean Quigley actually did this video for a school project but he shot, sang and played the drums himself. What I really like about this video is the fact that it displays Winnipeg really well! This is my city and the way he shot it was beautiful!
-Yiruma's "Blind Film" (click here:
This video has beautiful cinematography of Paris (I believe so at least... I have never been....) and the piano sounds gorgeous. Warning this is instrumental so if you are not a big fan watch anyways because it is great.

Beauty! Make up! Fragrance!
Winter is an extremely drying season and with that a lot of the colours and products I use change.
-Neutrogena Naturals multi vitamin Nourishing night cream. I really like this because it is extremely moisturizing and keeps my skin clear.
-Hot Couture by Givenchy. Oh my gosh I love this scent so much! It combines notes of: Raspberry Dew, Jasmine, Bergamot, and White Musk, to create my favourite scent!
-Lancôme eyeshadow in "drape". This works really well has a brow bone high lighter.
-Estée Lauder eyeshadow in number 47 "honey drop". Really nice if you want a neutral colour to be a base colour for warmer browns.
-Batiste dry shampoo in "coconut and exotic tropical". I have been straightening my hair a lot lately and this dry shampoo allows me to not mpwash my hair for an extra day so I don't damage my hair with constant straightening 
-Urban Decay's Naked 2 Pallette. I just love this pallette.

I really like sweaters and flannel pyjamas just to make sure I am nice and cozy!

School doesn't always leave me with a lot of time to what I love so when I get to sit down and read a book I am extremely happy!
- "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgernstern. This book is one of my favourite fiction pieces of all time and I think that might have to be the fact that it combines two things that I love: a) circuses and b) magic. I highly recommend this book.
- "Notes from a Small Island" by Bill Bryson. Bill Bryson is hilarious. Some of the things he gets up to in everyone of his adventures is hilarious. In this adventure he has gone to England. Some side information though, Bill Bryson is American but he is probably the most converted British person I have ever heard about.

Yeah so that concludes my post for today if you have any other post ideas or things for me to review just drop me a line in the comments below or on the social media pages! BYE!

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Winter: A review on a season

As you might know I live in a really cold climate. And with cold weather, comes this disgusting thing called winter. Now don't get me wrong, there are aspects of winter that I like but their are also things that I really hate. So here is a review on the coldest season of the year. For all of you who live in warm climates, just know, winter isn't always pleasant...

Things I like about winter:
- I get to go ice skating. Being Canadian, I think it is almost mandatory to have strapped on a pair of skates at least once. I can say this honestly because every time I go ice skating, kids and some adults are learning how to skate. Call it a right of passage into becoming a true Canadian. 
- Hockey season. I think this takes a lot of people off guard when I say I like hockey. I think it is mostly because I look really calm and bookish. However, you put a hockey game on the TV and I scream for that goalie to catch the damn puck or for the offence to pass the bloody thing before it ices. Yup I like hockey.
- Hot drinks. Alright, so I understand that you can drink these all year round and I do drink them all year round, but I feel as though there is less judgement if you are drinking it when it is cold outside versus drinking them in 20 degree plus weather (in Celsius because that's how I roll).
- Sweaters. Sweaters just feel as though you are always wrapped in a blanket.
- I am not expected to go as many places. I think it is a generally expected rule in the winter months that if you are cold you have a genuine excuse of staying home, and you won't be judged.
- Christmas. I often consider myself a Scrooge due to the fact that Christmas starts just after Halloween. However, I have a guilty pleasure... I love Christmas decorations and Christmas baking. I would be lying if I said that the whole atmosphere of Christmas did not make me a bit happy.

What I don't like about winter:
- Snow. The thing is, where I live, it just stays around too long. We get it in November, sometimes middle of October, and it doesn't leave, if we are lucky, until March. And by the time February rolls around the snow is no longer pretty, but brown and yellow from mud and all the dogs.
- Ice. It must be noted that I am not taking about ice rinks, I am talking about sidewalks, stairs, etc. It can be really dangerous and I know that I have had my fair share of wipe outs.
- Driving. Winter driving is the worst time to drive. People become idiots when snow falls and continue to be idiots until it is gone. It also sucks because of black ice. Black ice for all that don't know is ice that forms on roads but cannot be seen very well due to the fact it blends into the asphalt. 
- The cold. In the northern hemisphere were are all aware of this little thing called windchill. Now the temperature outside might not be extremely cold but if you add a windchill say good bye to your fingers.
- Christmas music. I like Christmas music, I do, however as previously stated it starts after Halloween. Now that means for about 2 months all you hear in the malls or on the radio is the same songs on repeat. Now here is the amount of times I have heard jingle bells since November 1st: 20. Now, by the end of the holiday season I will have heard the original and all other variations over 100 times...  It makes me go a little stir crazy.

So guys I really hope you liked this post. And as always drop me a line down in the comments or on the social media pages (The social media pages are in much need of some love and affection). If you liked this post please share on Facebook, Google+, twitter or even Instagram. Also if you have any future ideas for posts or something you would like me to review just drop me a line. 
Alright, I love you guys and I will talk to you next week! BYE!!!!

Here is a picture of Molly playing in the snow!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Home Alone: life update and a mini heart-to-heart

Okay so I know I posted yesterday but I am really bored and really dont feel like doing my English essay right now. So let's do this!!!

1) I have to write an essay. Which let me clarify, I usually don't mind but its not my fault that I can't stop watching other people's lives on youtube. They just seem more interesting. I am told I am weird for liking to write essays. I just findd them a whole lot more interesting then doing Pre-calculus
2) I just heard a F******* mouse and I am terrified!!!! I really hate rodents so when I hear or see them I freak. If it wasnt for the fact that I don't vlog for privacy reasons I would show you how shakey I am right now. BLEGH! RODENTS!!!!!
3)Its snowing outside. I hate snow. I really just wished I lived somewhere warm all year round instead of Winterpeg, Manisnowba. Now don't get me wrong I love Winnipeg I just find it extremely depressing in the winter time because it gets so depressingly cold and the jackets make me feel like a Mummy in its sarcoghphagus.
4)I have been looking for a part time job recently. This isn't really just recent news but I just figured that since this is my first time working it was a bit exciting.
5)Molly(My dog) is avoiding me again for some bizzare reason, that as always, I don't know what for.
6)I am applying for university soon so that is exciting. No more high school for me!
7)I have taken up writing again! This is truly good news because I had stopped due to a Quarter life crisis I have been having... But I am back at it.
(My Quater Life crisis explained)
So up until about a month ago I had been saying that I would go into business. I really didn't want to do business but I figured that  writing for a living wasn't really what I wanted either. What I didn't realize is that I had been stressing myself out about getting into a line of work that I REALLY DIDNT WANT TO DO! I figured if I was going to stress out I was going to stress out while doing something I really love to do, which is to write. I don't know where this will take me but I know that it will make me happy. For everyone elses who has gone through this or is going through this just listen to your heart because that is what will make you happy!

I hope you guys enjoyed my update, not that much happens in this life of mine! I also hope that my little confession was helpful. As always leave a comment below for suggestions or just a hello!
It's me pixelated!!! The website I used was Porteait Illustration Maker

Rihanna versus Miley Cyrus: a cage fight of dramatic songs and videos

Okay so to begin, here is a disclaimer: I WILL be bias in this. These opinions are all my own and if not reciprocated I am open to conversation in the comments below, but do know that this is strictly my opinion and not in anyway a bashing of either (or one in particular) of these artists but just of the songs/videos.
Now that we have that out of the way lets get started!

For this weeks blog post I have decided to talk about two very popular artists and their takes on strong emotions through their music and their videos. I will be judging the two song with a point system and a justification. The value for each will be out of 5 and at the end I will add up the score of which song/video I like more.
Our first artist is Miley Cyrus. As we all know Miley Cyrus stunned the world with her performance at the VMA's this year and we would be lying if we didn't admit that this has increased her popularity. Miley's video "Wrecking Ball" has over 300 million views on YouTube. 
Our second artist is Rihanna with "What Now" which has just under 2 million views.
Now let the games begin!

The lyrics: Miley) - Like the meaning
                          - Memorable
                          - Relatable
            Rating : 4/5
                Rihanna) - Like the meaning
                              - Memorable
                              - Relatable
             Rating: 4/5

The Video: Miley) - Symbolisim is forced
                           - Acting is okay
                           - lack of clothing
                           - Memomorable in many ways...
             Rating: 1/5
                  Rihanna) - More clothing but still revealing (more tasteful)
                                 - Not really memorable
                                - Not artificial and is relatable
              Rating: 2.5/5

Emotional response: Miley) - Too busy being distracted by her awkward hammer scene
                    Rating: 3/5 (and not in a good way
                                  Rihanna: - not much of one
                     Rating: 3/5

Message: Both had very strong messages and I appreciate both of them for how different they are from one another but are still relatable.
                       Rating: 5/5 (for both)

So here are the results after counting the scores...
                           Miley Cyrus                                                     Rihanna 
                             (13/20)                                                         (14.5/20) WINNER
I hope that no one hates me for that but I have wanted to talk about the Miley Craze for awhile, so here we are... Yeah so I could say a lot more but I think I will let the numbers speak because I get really passionate about this....
Yeah so as always, leave comments and let's continue the discussion! Love you guys! 

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Sweater Weather Tag

Hey guys so I am going to do something a bit different today then what I am used to, so I hope you like it! 
So you have probably seen all over YouTube that beauty vloggers are doing the  Sweater Weather Tag which was started by itsmelexi1. To be honest I was not introduced to this tag by her but by Ingrid who also goes by her handle name Missglamourazzi, and I absolutely adore her! I like fashion and make up and I figured why not share that part if me with you guys as you rarely get to that side to me. I have taken a similar format as my fellow blogger Holly Adams. If you are interested in her version please copy this link: 
So here we go! I am so nervous....

-Favourite candle scent?
Okay so I really like fresh scents or wood scents so I often lean towards very fall like smells, so my current favourite candle scent is one from Yankee Candle called "Mountain Lodge". The best way to describe it is that it smells like men's aftershave... Which sounds weird but it is so good!!!!

-Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
This one is difficult because I drink tea more often but I really like coffee too as a treat. Hmmm, but I think due to the fact that I drink it moved often I am going to say tea.

-Whats the best fall memory you have?
My best fall memory is a small tradition that me and my family have of going on a drive to pick up our Halloween pumpkins and then my dad and I carve increasingly more difficult patterns. I am really fond of these moments.

-Which makeup trend do you prefer: winged eye liner or dark lips?
I prefer winged eye liner mostly because dark lips really overwhelms me because of my pale complexion it makes me look extremely vampire like. I also prefer to work more on my eye make up then everything else.
 -What do you want to be for halloween?
Since Halloween has passed I will tell you what I was. This year I did a group costumes with four of my friends and we all dressed up as Greek goddesses. We weren't any goddesses in particular so I am not really sue who I would be, but just based on the fact that my costume got a little bloody I was Athena... (Yeah, um, I stabbed myself quite a few times trying to get my toga to stay up with the damn safety pins...)

-Hats or scarves?
Hats because I like hats. Scarves proceed to strangle me like a boa constrictor. That and my ears get cold...

-Most worn sweater?
So my most worn sweater is pumpkin orange and baggy, I bought it from target when I went to Boston and I absolutely LOVE it.

-Favourite fall nail polish?
So I like two, both are from Essie. One is a really deep marroon colour with a touch of purple added in and it is called Bahama Mamma. The other one I mentioned in my October favourites and it is a really deep cobalt blue and it is called Aruba Blue.

-Skinny jeans or leggings?
Do jeggings count?

-Boots or uggs?
Hmmm, boots because there is something about a boot that can tie together an outfit and make you and out.

So that's it for my Sweater Weather Tag! I dare you guys to post your own sweater weather tag or just leave comments below with your responses!

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Every Bunny Face Palms Sometimes: My list of my top 5 embarrassing things I have done

Okay so today I was seriously having writers block and after the excitement of Halloween I have been having the post Halloween blues, so I figured today would be a good day to embarrass myself and laugh. So here are my top 5 most embarrassing moments!

Number 5: 
On the first day of grade seven we were assigned lockers. My classmates and I walked out into the hallway and proceeded to our assigned locker. I was looking at the numbers on top of the lockers and I went to where I thought my locker was. The lock was already on it so I used the code that they gave me to open it. However, it wouldn't open. So instead of being a normal person and checking the number I tried again. It still wouldn't budge. So what do I do? I beat that locker with my hands and feet and start going at it like the Incredible Hulk. While being enraged by this locker I heard someone clearing their throat behind me... I turned around and it was the most attractive guy in our class... He pointed at the locker and said to me, "Um, that's mine" and proceeded to stare at me awkwardly. I took a step away from the locker and realized yes this is the wrong locker and yes now this good looking guy thinks I am insane, YAY.... I spent the whole rest of the year at the locker beside his thinking what an idiot I looked. You'd think that that would be a lesson to check numbers. The funny thing is, I still have problems with lockers and promptly beat them up on a regular basis... Sorry Tom!

Number 4: 
When I was in grade 5 I really liked this guy that was a year older then me. In my elementary school days I was constantly struck with a romantic side. Instead of getting up the courage to confess that I liked him in person I wrote a letter instead. I went to the tiny lockers and shoved my letter into what I thought was his. It wasn't. It was his friend's, who was a total jerk and went around asking everyone who was such an idiot to write a letter these days. I was pretty embarrassed. But it gets worse! I had spelt one word in the letter wrong and only one person in the class noticed the typo so when they pointed it out they went around to everyone in the class to see if how they spelt the word matched up... The girls in the class realized it was me and took on the roles of protectors because the guys were being cruel. One girl however was really adamant on me getting caught. So I fessed up and was promptly ignored. To say I was a bit sad was an understatement. I look back on that now and realize that the guy I was giving it to was not even worth it so I laugh about it now!!!!

Number 3:
When I was in grade 3 I ended up ripping my skort (skirt and shorts combined) right down the centre where you could see my Cinderella panties. I had to cover it up with my dinosaur sweater. Everywhere I walked the attached dinosaur was swinging everywhere. This was one of the first times I had done something and was literally face palming.

Number 2:
When I was six me and my mum went to an exhibition held at the Museum. The Golden Boy who stands on top of the Legistature building in Winnipeg was taken down to be serviced and have his gold leaf replaced. My mum and I went to see this, but what people don't realize is that he his completely NOT covered from the waist down. Now being half British as I am I have grown up with a lot of slang mixed into my everyday vocabulary. When I saw this naked statue of a man my six year old self makes the observation, "Mummy, LOOK AT THE BODGERS ON THAT ONE!" ( Bodgers, it must be said is exactly what you think they are so don't ask). The whole exhibition around us heard but the only one who actually laughed his ass off was the elderly English gentleman beside us who thought that this was hilarious. My mum was mortified and when we got home she told my dad this and to this day he still laughs, because let's be honest dads are always the ones to teach us these new vocabularies.

And Number 1:
When I was 3 or 4 my dad and I went shopping in Marks Work Warehouse (which is basically a Canadian supplier of work clothes). We were at the cashier when "Super Freak" by Rick James came on. (As anyone who lived in the 1990's can attest 80's parents really liked 80's music so it wasn't uncommon for kids to listen to these songs). At the time that this happened I was really good at remembering lyrics so I knew every word line for line to this song, so when this song came on, I SANG that song like it was my own. The girl at the cashier was so shocked that she had to wait until the song was done to glare at my dad who thought this was EXTREMELY funny. To this day whenever I hear that song I laugh and sing at the top of my lungs! (Here is the link to the song: and here is the link for the lyrics if you are interested: )

As you can tell these are slightly embarrassing but also kind of funny. I have a lot more but these are the ones that I think get the "Most Embarassing" prize. If you have any stories that you feel comfortable with sharing pleases leave them in the comments below, and we can laugh together. Also if you have anymore ideas for things I should review, try or talk about drop me a line! That's it for today guys! I will see you later!

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