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Every Bunny Face Palms Sometimes: My list of my top 5 embarrassing things I have done

Okay so today I was seriously having writers block and after the excitement of Halloween I have been having the post Halloween blues, so I figured today would be a good day to embarrass myself and laugh. So here are my top 5 most embarrassing moments!

Number 5: 
On the first day of grade seven we were assigned lockers. My classmates and I walked out into the hallway and proceeded to our assigned locker. I was looking at the numbers on top of the lockers and I went to where I thought my locker was. The lock was already on it so I used the code that they gave me to open it. However, it wouldn't open. So instead of being a normal person and checking the number I tried again. It still wouldn't budge. So what do I do? I beat that locker with my hands and feet and start going at it like the Incredible Hulk. While being enraged by this locker I heard someone clearing their throat behind me... I turned around and it was the most attractive guy in our class... He pointed at the locker and said to me, "Um, that's mine" and proceeded to stare at me awkwardly. I took a step away from the locker and realized yes this is the wrong locker and yes now this good looking guy thinks I am insane, YAY.... I spent the whole rest of the year at the locker beside his thinking what an idiot I looked. You'd think that that would be a lesson to check numbers. The funny thing is, I still have problems with lockers and promptly beat them up on a regular basis... Sorry Tom!

Number 4: 
When I was in grade 5 I really liked this guy that was a year older then me. In my elementary school days I was constantly struck with a romantic side. Instead of getting up the courage to confess that I liked him in person I wrote a letter instead. I went to the tiny lockers and shoved my letter into what I thought was his. It wasn't. It was his friend's, who was a total jerk and went around asking everyone who was such an idiot to write a letter these days. I was pretty embarrassed. But it gets worse! I had spelt one word in the letter wrong and only one person in the class noticed the typo so when they pointed it out they went around to everyone in the class to see if how they spelt the word matched up... The girls in the class realized it was me and took on the roles of protectors because the guys were being cruel. One girl however was really adamant on me getting caught. So I fessed up and was promptly ignored. To say I was a bit sad was an understatement. I look back on that now and realize that the guy I was giving it to was not even worth it so I laugh about it now!!!!

Number 3:
When I was in grade 3 I ended up ripping my skort (skirt and shorts combined) right down the centre where you could see my Cinderella panties. I had to cover it up with my dinosaur sweater. Everywhere I walked the attached dinosaur was swinging everywhere. This was one of the first times I had done something and was literally face palming.

Number 2:
When I was six me and my mum went to an exhibition held at the Museum. The Golden Boy who stands on top of the Legistature building in Winnipeg was taken down to be serviced and have his gold leaf replaced. My mum and I went to see this, but what people don't realize is that he his completely NOT covered from the waist down. Now being half British as I am I have grown up with a lot of slang mixed into my everyday vocabulary. When I saw this naked statue of a man my six year old self makes the observation, "Mummy, LOOK AT THE BODGERS ON THAT ONE!" ( Bodgers, it must be said is exactly what you think they are so don't ask). The whole exhibition around us heard but the only one who actually laughed his ass off was the elderly English gentleman beside us who thought that this was hilarious. My mum was mortified and when we got home she told my dad this and to this day he still laughs, because let's be honest dads are always the ones to teach us these new vocabularies.

And Number 1:
When I was 3 or 4 my dad and I went shopping in Marks Work Warehouse (which is basically a Canadian supplier of work clothes). We were at the cashier when "Super Freak" by Rick James came on. (As anyone who lived in the 1990's can attest 80's parents really liked 80's music so it wasn't uncommon for kids to listen to these songs). At the time that this happened I was really good at remembering lyrics so I knew every word line for line to this song, so when this song came on, I SANG that song like it was my own. The girl at the cashier was so shocked that she had to wait until the song was done to glare at my dad who thought this was EXTREMELY funny. To this day whenever I hear that song I laugh and sing at the top of my lungs! (Here is the link to the song: and here is the link for the lyrics if you are interested: )

As you can tell these are slightly embarrassing but also kind of funny. I have a lot more but these are the ones that I think get the "Most Embarassing" prize. If you have any stories that you feel comfortable with sharing pleases leave them in the comments below, and we can laugh together. Also if you have anymore ideas for things I should review, try or talk about drop me a line! That's it for today guys! I will see you later!

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