Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rihanna versus Miley Cyrus: a cage fight of dramatic songs and videos

Okay so to begin, here is a disclaimer: I WILL be bias in this. These opinions are all my own and if not reciprocated I am open to conversation in the comments below, but do know that this is strictly my opinion and not in anyway a bashing of either (or one in particular) of these artists but just of the songs/videos.
Now that we have that out of the way lets get started!

For this weeks blog post I have decided to talk about two very popular artists and their takes on strong emotions through their music and their videos. I will be judging the two song with a point system and a justification. The value for each will be out of 5 and at the end I will add up the score of which song/video I like more.
Our first artist is Miley Cyrus. As we all know Miley Cyrus stunned the world with her performance at the VMA's this year and we would be lying if we didn't admit that this has increased her popularity. Miley's video "Wrecking Ball" has over 300 million views on YouTube. 
Our second artist is Rihanna with "What Now" which has just under 2 million views.
Now let the games begin!

The lyrics: Miley) - Like the meaning
                          - Memorable
                          - Relatable
            Rating : 4/5
                Rihanna) - Like the meaning
                              - Memorable
                              - Relatable
             Rating: 4/5

The Video: Miley) - Symbolisim is forced
                           - Acting is okay
                           - lack of clothing
                           - Memomorable in many ways...
             Rating: 1/5
                  Rihanna) - More clothing but still revealing (more tasteful)
                                 - Not really memorable
                                - Not artificial and is relatable
              Rating: 2.5/5

Emotional response: Miley) - Too busy being distracted by her awkward hammer scene
                    Rating: 3/5 (and not in a good way
                                  Rihanna: - not much of one
                     Rating: 3/5

Message: Both had very strong messages and I appreciate both of them for how different they are from one another but are still relatable.
                       Rating: 5/5 (for both)

So here are the results after counting the scores...
                           Miley Cyrus                                                     Rihanna 
                             (13/20)                                                         (14.5/20) WINNER
I hope that no one hates me for that but I have wanted to talk about the Miley Craze for awhile, so here we are... Yeah so I could say a lot more but I think I will let the numbers speak because I get really passionate about this....
Yeah so as always, leave comments and let's continue the discussion! Love you guys! 

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