Friday, 8 November 2013

The Sweater Weather Tag

Hey guys so I am going to do something a bit different today then what I am used to, so I hope you like it! 
So you have probably seen all over YouTube that beauty vloggers are doing the  Sweater Weather Tag which was started by itsmelexi1. To be honest I was not introduced to this tag by her but by Ingrid who also goes by her handle name Missglamourazzi, and I absolutely adore her! I like fashion and make up and I figured why not share that part if me with you guys as you rarely get to that side to me. I have taken a similar format as my fellow blogger Holly Adams. If you are interested in her version please copy this link: 
So here we go! I am so nervous....

-Favourite candle scent?
Okay so I really like fresh scents or wood scents so I often lean towards very fall like smells, so my current favourite candle scent is one from Yankee Candle called "Mountain Lodge". The best way to describe it is that it smells like men's aftershave... Which sounds weird but it is so good!!!!

-Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
This one is difficult because I drink tea more often but I really like coffee too as a treat. Hmmm, but I think due to the fact that I drink it moved often I am going to say tea.

-Whats the best fall memory you have?
My best fall memory is a small tradition that me and my family have of going on a drive to pick up our Halloween pumpkins and then my dad and I carve increasingly more difficult patterns. I am really fond of these moments.

-Which makeup trend do you prefer: winged eye liner or dark lips?
I prefer winged eye liner mostly because dark lips really overwhelms me because of my pale complexion it makes me look extremely vampire like. I also prefer to work more on my eye make up then everything else.
 -What do you want to be for halloween?
Since Halloween has passed I will tell you what I was. This year I did a group costumes with four of my friends and we all dressed up as Greek goddesses. We weren't any goddesses in particular so I am not really sue who I would be, but just based on the fact that my costume got a little bloody I was Athena... (Yeah, um, I stabbed myself quite a few times trying to get my toga to stay up with the damn safety pins...)

-Hats or scarves?
Hats because I like hats. Scarves proceed to strangle me like a boa constrictor. That and my ears get cold...

-Most worn sweater?
So my most worn sweater is pumpkin orange and baggy, I bought it from target when I went to Boston and I absolutely LOVE it.

-Favourite fall nail polish?
So I like two, both are from Essie. One is a really deep marroon colour with a touch of purple added in and it is called Bahama Mamma. The other one I mentioned in my October favourites and it is a really deep cobalt blue and it is called Aruba Blue.

-Skinny jeans or leggings?
Do jeggings count?

-Boots or uggs?
Hmmm, boots because there is something about a boot that can tie together an outfit and make you and out.

So that's it for my Sweater Weather Tag! I dare you guys to post your own sweater weather tag or just leave comments below with your responses!

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