Saturday, 23 November 2013

Winter: A review on a season

As you might know I live in a really cold climate. And with cold weather, comes this disgusting thing called winter. Now don't get me wrong, there are aspects of winter that I like but their are also things that I really hate. So here is a review on the coldest season of the year. For all of you who live in warm climates, just know, winter isn't always pleasant...

Things I like about winter:
- I get to go ice skating. Being Canadian, I think it is almost mandatory to have strapped on a pair of skates at least once. I can say this honestly because every time I go ice skating, kids and some adults are learning how to skate. Call it a right of passage into becoming a true Canadian. 
- Hockey season. I think this takes a lot of people off guard when I say I like hockey. I think it is mostly because I look really calm and bookish. However, you put a hockey game on the TV and I scream for that goalie to catch the damn puck or for the offence to pass the bloody thing before it ices. Yup I like hockey.
- Hot drinks. Alright, so I understand that you can drink these all year round and I do drink them all year round, but I feel as though there is less judgement if you are drinking it when it is cold outside versus drinking them in 20 degree plus weather (in Celsius because that's how I roll).
- Sweaters. Sweaters just feel as though you are always wrapped in a blanket.
- I am not expected to go as many places. I think it is a generally expected rule in the winter months that if you are cold you have a genuine excuse of staying home, and you won't be judged.
- Christmas. I often consider myself a Scrooge due to the fact that Christmas starts just after Halloween. However, I have a guilty pleasure... I love Christmas decorations and Christmas baking. I would be lying if I said that the whole atmosphere of Christmas did not make me a bit happy.

What I don't like about winter:
- Snow. The thing is, where I live, it just stays around too long. We get it in November, sometimes middle of October, and it doesn't leave, if we are lucky, until March. And by the time February rolls around the snow is no longer pretty, but brown and yellow from mud and all the dogs.
- Ice. It must be noted that I am not taking about ice rinks, I am talking about sidewalks, stairs, etc. It can be really dangerous and I know that I have had my fair share of wipe outs.
- Driving. Winter driving is the worst time to drive. People become idiots when snow falls and continue to be idiots until it is gone. It also sucks because of black ice. Black ice for all that don't know is ice that forms on roads but cannot be seen very well due to the fact it blends into the asphalt. 
- The cold. In the northern hemisphere were are all aware of this little thing called windchill. Now the temperature outside might not be extremely cold but if you add a windchill say good bye to your fingers.
- Christmas music. I like Christmas music, I do, however as previously stated it starts after Halloween. Now that means for about 2 months all you hear in the malls or on the radio is the same songs on repeat. Now here is the amount of times I have heard jingle bells since November 1st: 20. Now, by the end of the holiday season I will have heard the original and all other variations over 100 times...  It makes me go a little stir crazy.

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Alright, I love you guys and I will talk to you next week! BYE!!!!

Here is a picture of Molly playing in the snow!

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