Saturday, 28 December 2013

December favourites: A Very Merry Christmas Edition

So for the last blog post of the year of 2013 I figured it was fitting to do a favourites. I am going to be honest, this is an amalgamation of "what I got for Christmas" and my favourites. So yeah, let's begin!!!!

Body and fragrance!!!!!!
This cream here is awesome. I have the body wash as well and it's great because I struggle with falling asleep and I have found that the aromatherapy quality of this has been helping me relax which has in turn made it easier to fall asleep. I really love lavender and chamomile as scents too, so it is just perfect!
I might have mentioned this before but I really love Hot Couture by Givenchy. I am a bit of a perfume lover so when someone gives me a scent I usually become a bit picky but this is one of my classics! I also really love the bag that the lotion and perfume came in. If you like fruity and floral and want to go for a more sophisticated feel, I highly recommend this.
So my mum bought me this for Christmas and I really love it! I wanna be royal and this makes me feel like it. And yes that was a Popular music reference.
So I really needed make up brushes and this was exactly whati needed. I really like the fact that it comes with a case and that it is travel size, which suits me because I want to travel. I also really like the studded detailing on the bag which adds that certain "punk princess" glam which I like.
This chocolate bar was a Christmas gift from my boss and it is delicious. It is a 50% cacao dark chocolate bar with chunks of peppermint sprinkled in it. I have a deeprooted love of mint chocolate ever since birth, so when something comes along like this I can't help but consume.
As always a caffe latte from good old Starbucks. Don't you just love the winter packaging!
On my iPhone I have my playlists organized by season. So in my winter playlist here a couple of the songs I listen to!
"The a Team" by Ed Sheeran (
"Je suis malade" by Lara Fabian (
"Put the Gun Down" by ZZ Ward  (
"Til the Casket Drops" by ZZ Ward (
"Come Back Down" by Danny Fernandes (
"Heartless(swing house session)" by The Fray (
"Oblivion" by Bastille (
"Love Don't Die"  by The Fray (
"Counting Stars" by OneRepublic (

Anyways I hoped you all had a great holiday season and have a great new year! 

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