Saturday, 25 January 2014

January Favourites: Winter Lock Down Edition

Hi guys! Today I am doing another favourites post! I just really wanted to share some of the products I have been using and I have been totally in love with! It has been so cold and dry everywhere this winter that I feel everyone just feels trapped so let's cheer it up a bit. Let's begin!

Skin care:
- Origins' Checks and Balances frothing face wash
I really love this face wash because it really works well with my extremely picky combination skin. Lately I have been finding it difficult to find something that works for me so when I picked this up earlier this month I know that it was love at first use. 

- Neutrogena's Natural Night Cream
I have used this for the past year or so and I really like it because it moursturizes my really dry cheeks. I find that it works for me and it doesn't really have much smell which is a plus side in a night cream.

- Benefit "they're real! Mascara"
I am one of those people that walks into Sephora and usually leaves with something that was an impulse. In most cases the impulse is a flat out failure, however, this mascara has been a pleasant surprise. I really like the way it makes my lashes look full and a lot longer. When I run out of this small size I will DEFINITELY buy the larger size.

-NYX eyeshadow base skin tone in "esb03"
I like this eyeshadow base because it doesn't cause creases in the eyeshadow and it also makes the pigment of the shadow stay longer. It is also relatively well priced which is a nice touch. Good job NYX!

- Nars Creamy Concealer in "Vanilla"
So now we get to what I am most proud that I bought this month! I absolutely love this concealer. I have watched so many bloggers and beauty gurus on YouTube rave about this product and the amount of coverage it provides. Actually, with the amount of coverage it has in covering up my few blemishes I can actually skip BB cream and go straight to powder which makes my face happy.

-The Fray "Love Don't Die" (click here: 
I mentioned this song in the December favourites post, however it is making a much deserved second mention because of the video. I had not seen the video as I had preordered the album and had this one particular song already. However, from watching the video I can safely say that it is my favourite song and video so far this year.

So I think that is it in this months favourites! As always if you have a certain kind of post you would like me to do leave your idea in the comments, or drop me a line on my google+ or my twitter! I love you guys and I will talk to you later! 

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