Friday, 28 February 2014

Febuary favourites: The Lovey Dovey edition

As you know Valentine's day has come and gone but that does not mean we have to be glum. Because guess what chum! Spring is coming!
I personally think that spring is a great season a) because the weather gets nicer, b) light sweaters instead of freking parkas and c) because of my birthday.
This spring I am doing a lot of things including travelling, blogging and some real life stuff that is not really that interesting.
To start of the beginning to the season I am going to conclude the cold one with a nice warming favourites post. So let's begin!

This month I happened to be a bad girl and purchased some clothes that may not have been completely necessay but they were on sale so I am going to justify it that way!
Anyways, I purchased the two sweaters below and the jeans at a store called Smart Set. I am not compltely sure if it is exclusively in Canada or if its in other parts of the world but anyaway I just really like the details on the sweaters and the fit of the jeans.
I also purchased a really lovely pair of high heels that are surprisingly easy to walk in for at least an hour. I really like these shoes because they make me feel FIERCE. And who doesnt want to feel fierce?


I really like alternative music so it must not be a surprise when  I say that my playlist of the month has consisted of The Fray, ZZ Ward, One Republic and lots more amazing artists. In particular though I have been listening to "Won't Be Long" by The Royalty. I just really love that this song is calming and melodic. It is certainly not a song I would dance my wedding to but I just love this song.

Skin care!
I am really in love with the Origins line up. Specifically the Ginzing mosturizer, the United States Toner and the Checks and Balances Fash Wash I mentioned awhile ago!

I realized recently that my hair has been looking a little dry and a lot harder to style so I purchased this hair mask. I originally saw this hair mask on MissGlamourazzi ( as are most of the things I have bought) on her favourite's video, but then I saw it in the store and I had to buy it. 

I recently watched all of the Breakout Kings episodes on netflix and I have started watching house of cards. I really like both of these shows at the moment.

For my English class we have had to read a book for group discussions and I have to say I really like it! The book is called "Annabel" and it is by Kathleen Winter, who is Canadian. The book is about a hermaphrodite named Wayne and his struggle to find himself amongst the limitations of society. 

So I think that is pretty much it for my favourites of the month of Febuary. I will talk to you guys later! Bye!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Today I really felt like some cheering up. This past week has been long and a bit sad what with my dog blowing out her knee. So I wanted to share with you guys 10 things that make me happy!

1. Sleep
I freaking love sleep. If there is one thing I relish the most is a good nights sleep. I know this sounds weird but I suffer with really bad insomnia that often leaves me exhausted like a toy that has run out of battery power.
2. Caffeine
To counteract my constant tiredness I love caffeine. If someone gives me coffe, tea or pop, man oh man you are my new best friend. To think that just smelling it gives me a little life makes it my ambrosia. 
3. Dessert
Pretty self explanatory but I love dessert. My personal favourite is cheese cake however I am lactose intolerant which makes things unpleasant after I eat it.
4. Books
I love books and everything that they carry with them. It is one of the only things I can truly loose myself in without getting bored or sad. It has always been and always will be my escape from reality.
5. Water
Not as in drinking water but as in open bodies of water. I always say that I am misplaced because although I love the prairies I always seem to crave the smell of brine and sea and the musk of worn rope. I contribute this to my frequent trips to Boston and it's pull on me.
6. Music
I find music often reflects how I feel. If I am angry I listen to death metal. If I am sad I listen to classical. If I am happy I listen to pop music. If I am calm I listen to alternative. To me music is universal and can be used to understand yourself when at times you really don't at all.
7. Animals
With the rare exceptions I love animals. Most of the time they are adorable and just me happy.
8. Camp fires
The smell of fire just makes me feel comfortable and calm. The crackle and snaps of the heat on the embers makes me warm and safe. I just love the feeling of campfire.
9. Showers
This is really the only time I get to think clearly. Most of the time I improvise or think to much but it the shower seems to be a quiet place that demands to be felt rather then heard. It just clears my head and relaxes me.
10. Writing
This one is unsurprising and doesn't really need an  explanation why ;)

Anyways I feel a little better just talking to you guys. I love you and I will talk to you later.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sochi, Uni and Valentine's day: the past 2 weeks

Oh man the past two weeks have been nuts! The Olympics started last week and it seemed like it was going on since the end of January with how much coverage it got. And geez valentines day was bonkers. I honestly do t know how I managed to apply for university in this madness, but I did!
Today isn't really going to be much about the politics of Sochi or the sadness and equal happiness on Valentine's day or my university application. What it's really about is talking to you guys about the fun and not so fun times of the past 2 weeks. 

Week 1:
Sochi 2014 Olympics start- I have watched pretty much all of the events religiously since the games started, except curling.... I don't like curling. However, let's talk about the intensity in which every country goes all out. I cheer for Canada but what always makes me happy is the fact that each country and it's athletes step out and do their best, so cheering really happens for all the athletes.
New semester, new rules- I AM FINALLY DONE THE HELL WHICH IS CALLED PRE CALCULUS!!! Have I ever told you guys how much I both fear and hate mathematics? No? Well you are really missing out. I am not the best at math and I am not even going to pretend to like it because it tuly sucks. Of course I respect it's uses but I just personally hate doing it.
Grad prep- I had all my fancy pictures taken, started prepping my stuff to get ready for next year.

Week 2:
Application complete- self explanatory but it took me 3 days to answer the whole thing due to moments of sheer panic in what the answer was or procrastination, because yeah that's what I do.
More Olympics watching 
Walking the dog- Because miss Molly deserves some fresh air
Homework!??- yup... That stuff really sucks
Book talks?- my class has been having a book study and let's just say our book leads to some pretty awkward conversations :) but it's really fun so its all good
Valentine's day- So I am single and my parents don't celebrate valentines day so we just stayed in and watched Olympics coverage by CBC and went to bed early.

So yeah that has been my past two weeks. Sorry I haven't posted anything. I am sure things will pick up once the Olympics are over. I love you guys and will talk to you later! Bye!

P.S. Is anyone else kind of terrified of these mascots?

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Dust has Settled!!! A life update

Hi guys! It seems like I haven't talked to you guys for awhile but it has only been about a week. Anyways, I really wanted to talk and have a chat with you guys. I didn't really have anything particularly exciting to write about at 11 at night however I just wanted to catch you guys up with what's going on in my life! As previously said it has not been interesting but it has been busy, which means my blogs are "meh" and yes I am definitely blaming busy-ness. 

1) I have officially finished Pre-Calculus math. I have never been so relieved to pass a class as I have been for this one. I am not a bad student so  I have never really questioned if I would  pass or not but I am not a math person, so it was touch and go.
2) My writing project I was working on, has been put on hold because I have to work on an important project for my schoolwork. It is another writing project however it is going to take more effort due to its nature. 
3) I am looking into blog designers and I am pondering what I want my blog to look like because I really dislike the template design I made. I am not electronically or graphically inclined.
4) I am applying to university in the next week or so.
5) The Fault in Our Stars movie trailer has come out and oh my god that might be my favourite movie of the year as far I am concerned and it hasn't even come out. I think you may have all guessed I have a writer's crush on John Green. To watch the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, click here:
6) Only a couple of weeks till my Europe trip! I haven't announced where we are going but I will now! I am going to London, Paris, Rome and Florence for about 10 days. Unfortunately I will not be able to do meet ups as I am with a group but I hope one day I can just hang out with you guys! If you live in those places do you wanna leave a comment on where all the best shopping and food places are because I really want to make those posts interesting for you guys!

Anyways as always I love you and I will talk to you later!

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