Saturday, 22 February 2014

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Today I really felt like some cheering up. This past week has been long and a bit sad what with my dog blowing out her knee. So I wanted to share with you guys 10 things that make me happy!

1. Sleep
I freaking love sleep. If there is one thing I relish the most is a good nights sleep. I know this sounds weird but I suffer with really bad insomnia that often leaves me exhausted like a toy that has run out of battery power.
2. Caffeine
To counteract my constant tiredness I love caffeine. If someone gives me coffe, tea or pop, man oh man you are my new best friend. To think that just smelling it gives me a little life makes it my ambrosia. 
3. Dessert
Pretty self explanatory but I love dessert. My personal favourite is cheese cake however I am lactose intolerant which makes things unpleasant after I eat it.
4. Books
I love books and everything that they carry with them. It is one of the only things I can truly loose myself in without getting bored or sad. It has always been and always will be my escape from reality.
5. Water
Not as in drinking water but as in open bodies of water. I always say that I am misplaced because although I love the prairies I always seem to crave the smell of brine and sea and the musk of worn rope. I contribute this to my frequent trips to Boston and it's pull on me.
6. Music
I find music often reflects how I feel. If I am angry I listen to death metal. If I am sad I listen to classical. If I am happy I listen to pop music. If I am calm I listen to alternative. To me music is universal and can be used to understand yourself when at times you really don't at all.
7. Animals
With the rare exceptions I love animals. Most of the time they are adorable and just me happy.
8. Camp fires
The smell of fire just makes me feel comfortable and calm. The crackle and snaps of the heat on the embers makes me warm and safe. I just love the feeling of campfire.
9. Showers
This is really the only time I get to think clearly. Most of the time I improvise or think to much but it the shower seems to be a quiet place that demands to be felt rather then heard. It just clears my head and relaxes me.
10. Writing
This one is unsurprising and doesn't really need an  explanation why ;)

Anyways I feel a little better just talking to you guys. I love you and I will talk to you later.

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