Friday, 28 February 2014

Febuary favourites: The Lovey Dovey edition

As you know Valentine's day has come and gone but that does not mean we have to be glum. Because guess what chum! Spring is coming!
I personally think that spring is a great season a) because the weather gets nicer, b) light sweaters instead of freking parkas and c) because of my birthday.
This spring I am doing a lot of things including travelling, blogging and some real life stuff that is not really that interesting.
To start of the beginning to the season I am going to conclude the cold one with a nice warming favourites post. So let's begin!

This month I happened to be a bad girl and purchased some clothes that may not have been completely necessay but they were on sale so I am going to justify it that way!
Anyways, I purchased the two sweaters below and the jeans at a store called Smart Set. I am not compltely sure if it is exclusively in Canada or if its in other parts of the world but anyaway I just really like the details on the sweaters and the fit of the jeans.
I also purchased a really lovely pair of high heels that are surprisingly easy to walk in for at least an hour. I really like these shoes because they make me feel FIERCE. And who doesnt want to feel fierce?


I really like alternative music so it must not be a surprise when  I say that my playlist of the month has consisted of The Fray, ZZ Ward, One Republic and lots more amazing artists. In particular though I have been listening to "Won't Be Long" by The Royalty. I just really love that this song is calming and melodic. It is certainly not a song I would dance my wedding to but I just love this song.

Skin care!
I am really in love with the Origins line up. Specifically the Ginzing mosturizer, the United States Toner and the Checks and Balances Fash Wash I mentioned awhile ago!

I realized recently that my hair has been looking a little dry and a lot harder to style so I purchased this hair mask. I originally saw this hair mask on MissGlamourazzi ( as are most of the things I have bought) on her favourite's video, but then I saw it in the store and I had to buy it. 

I recently watched all of the Breakout Kings episodes on netflix and I have started watching house of cards. I really like both of these shows at the moment.

For my English class we have had to read a book for group discussions and I have to say I really like it! The book is called "Annabel" and it is by Kathleen Winter, who is Canadian. The book is about a hermaphrodite named Wayne and his struggle to find himself amongst the limitations of society. 

So I think that is pretty much it for my favourites of the month of Febuary. I will talk to you guys later! Bye!

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