Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sochi, Uni and Valentine's day: the past 2 weeks

Oh man the past two weeks have been nuts! The Olympics started last week and it seemed like it was going on since the end of January with how much coverage it got. And geez valentines day was bonkers. I honestly do t know how I managed to apply for university in this madness, but I did!
Today isn't really going to be much about the politics of Sochi or the sadness and equal happiness on Valentine's day or my university application. What it's really about is talking to you guys about the fun and not so fun times of the past 2 weeks. 

Week 1:
Sochi 2014 Olympics start- I have watched pretty much all of the events religiously since the games started, except curling.... I don't like curling. However, let's talk about the intensity in which every country goes all out. I cheer for Canada but what always makes me happy is the fact that each country and it's athletes step out and do their best, so cheering really happens for all the athletes.
New semester, new rules- I AM FINALLY DONE THE HELL WHICH IS CALLED PRE CALCULUS!!! Have I ever told you guys how much I both fear and hate mathematics? No? Well you are really missing out. I am not the best at math and I am not even going to pretend to like it because it tuly sucks. Of course I respect it's uses but I just personally hate doing it.
Grad prep- I had all my fancy pictures taken, started prepping my stuff to get ready for next year.

Week 2:
Application complete- self explanatory but it took me 3 days to answer the whole thing due to moments of sheer panic in what the answer was or procrastination, because yeah that's what I do.
More Olympics watching 
Walking the dog- Because miss Molly deserves some fresh air
Homework!??- yup... That stuff really sucks
Book talks?- my class has been having a book study and let's just say our book leads to some pretty awkward conversations :) but it's really fun so its all good
Valentine's day- So I am single and my parents don't celebrate valentines day so we just stayed in and watched Olympics coverage by CBC and went to bed early.

So yeah that has been my past two weeks. Sorry I haven't posted anything. I am sure things will pick up once the Olympics are over. I love you guys and will talk to you later! Bye!

P.S. Is anyone else kind of terrified of these mascots?

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