Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Dust has Settled!!! A life update

Hi guys! It seems like I haven't talked to you guys for awhile but it has only been about a week. Anyways, I really wanted to talk and have a chat with you guys. I didn't really have anything particularly exciting to write about at 11 at night however I just wanted to catch you guys up with what's going on in my life! As previously said it has not been interesting but it has been busy, which means my blogs are "meh" and yes I am definitely blaming busy-ness. 

1) I have officially finished Pre-Calculus math. I have never been so relieved to pass a class as I have been for this one. I am not a bad student so  I have never really questioned if I would  pass or not but I am not a math person, so it was touch and go.
2) My writing project I was working on, has been put on hold because I have to work on an important project for my schoolwork. It is another writing project however it is going to take more effort due to its nature. 
3) I am looking into blog designers and I am pondering what I want my blog to look like because I really dislike the template design I made. I am not electronically or graphically inclined.
4) I am applying to university in the next week or so.
5) The Fault in Our Stars movie trailer has come out and oh my god that might be my favourite movie of the year as far I am concerned and it hasn't even come out. I think you may have all guessed I have a writer's crush on John Green. To watch the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, click here:
6) Only a couple of weeks till my Europe trip! I haven't announced where we are going but I will now! I am going to London, Paris, Rome and Florence for about 10 days. Unfortunately I will not be able to do meet ups as I am with a group but I hope one day I can just hang out with you guys! If you live in those places do you wanna leave a comment on where all the best shopping and food places are because I really want to make those posts interesting for you guys!

Anyways as always I love you and I will talk to you later!

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