Saturday, 8 March 2014

90's/2000's TAG

So I have been seeing this tag go around and I figured, heck I wanna do it. But to be completely truthful the 90's do a lot of carrying over into the 2000's. I was born near the middle of the 90's so in retrospect I was probably more of a 2000's kid but whatever! (My answers are going to fall between 1995-2005
  1. Favourite Toy's? Bitty Baby from American girl. I really loved playing with it as a child. I also really liked the Skip it and the Bop it.
  2. Favourite Advertisements? There were a lot of children's safety commercials when I was growing up but I really liked these two public service announcements, mostly because they were weird.( click here:, HOUSE HIPPO) ( click here:, WHATS YOUR THING?)
  3. N'sync or Backstreet Boy's? I really liked both as a kid, but being as I actually went to the Back Street Boy concert I will have to say Back Street Boys.
  4. Weirdest Fashion Trend? The skort. You just can't get enough of the skirt/shorts combo.
  5. Favourite Collectable? Everyone in the 2000's pretty much collected Pokemon cards and Bayblades.
  6. Favourite Beanie Baby? The panda.
  7. How Many Tamagotchi's Did You Go Through? I sadly had 2. I was so jealous of people who had 3+.
  8. Favourite Game System and Game? PS1 and Chrash Bandicoot. I ended up getting the PS2 in about 2004 on which I really liked playing DDR.
  9. Favourite Music Artist? Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears but then I moved onto Avril Lavigne.
  10. Favourite Candy? Baby Bottle Pops and this candy called Toxic Waste
  11. Favourite Game? Hungry,Hungry Hippos and Twister
  12. Favourite Book? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  13. Favourite Clothing Store? Gymboree. I shopped there till I was 12... 
  14. What Would You Watch When You Got Home From school? Kim Possible. I LOVED Kim Possible.
  15. Favourite TV Show's? Scooby-Doo, Rocky and Bullwinkel, Bugs Bunny and Tweety show, Even Stevens and Lizzy Mcquire  

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