Thursday, 27 March 2014

March's Favourite songs: SPRING IS HERE!!!!!

Hi guys! This months favourites we a bit early an I am sorry but I will not be in Canada when people usually post favourites of the month. I will be partying it up in Europe for my 18th birthday/graduation/Christmas(2013)/Easter/I got into university present. This month I have quite a few things I have purchased and  others that it have had for awhile, as well as some presents for my birthday as I will, again, be in Europe at the time. I don't have time to do a full favourites but here are 3 songs to tide you over till my next post!
So let's get started!

The music I have been Listening to over and over this month seems to be heavily Korean and Japanese based, but I guess once a fangirl, always a fangirl.

Miss A's "Hush"
I really love everything that Miss A offers mostly because I find that they are the most sexy k-pop girl group on the the gayo market (another work for kpop) and it doesnt come off as forced. Often times, I will be watching a music video and the "sexy" concept actually disturbs me, however Miss A, to me at least, are subtle with the sexy poses.
If I was going  to be completely honest, I think that ever since I started watching K-POP Star, I have come to truly like all of JYP Entertainment. I really like the video for hush and I often find myself dancing to this song. What I also like about this song is that the instrumental and the lyrics are beautiful together.

BabyMetal's "メギツネ (Megitsune)"
 I blame my friend for this song. He and I have an understanding that heavy metal is great but he also hit a soft spot witht these adorable but ultimately slightly terrifying band, Baby Metal. INTOTH3LIGHT, If you are reading just know that this song is really stuck in my head!

2NEmum (a.k.a. Eat Your Kimchi)'s "Come Back Home"
As you might have realized if you follow me on instagram I have a soft spot for all things cute and fuzzy, specifically puppies! I have watche EYK videos for about 2 years now due to a friend of mine and have been hooked ever since. So when I say I love Spudgy and Meemers I am not kidding! I showed my mum this and she really thought it was cute so I am sharing it with you guys!

I will talk to you guys in 10 days!
P.s if you want more frequent looks into what I am listening to or what I would reccomend, let me know in the comments or social media. I love music so feel free to provide any music you think I might like a well.

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