Friday, 16 May 2014

Song Review: "Pretty Hurts" by Beyonce and "G.U.Y" by Lady Gaga

Hi guys! I have a special announcement and post for you today! I am going to the Lady Gaga concert in less then a week as well as the Beyonce ft. Jay Z concert in July! Today, I really wanted to highlight both artists new videos of 2014. Both artists are superb and easily are some of the strongest women in the music industry in my opinion.

"Pretty Hurts" by Beyonce
I really love the concept of this video because it shows the ugliest parts of what is suppoused to be beautiful such as a beauty pageant. Beauty pageants are typically are what people define as beautiful and Beyonce points out that beauty is individualism.The lyrics also mirror what the video is saying which is amazing because Beyonce questions the socail medias definition of what beauty is and what she feels is what is truly beautiful. I think the overall theme of the video is to show that insecurity about "perfection" only makes us unhappy and that our aspiration is to be happy. And I truly love that about this song wholeheartedly.
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"G.U.Y" by Lady Gaga
As always Lady Gaga impresses with both an intersting video and a extremely catchy song. At first listen it sounds like she wants to be a guy however further listening to the lyrics you hear "girl under you" which makes the song more layerd and also clever. I love this song because Lady Gaga asserts that she is an equal partner and wants to be treated as such, not like a flower who has to be protected. Although extremely sexual the song and video are good and should be watched (however maybe not with someone under the age of 8).
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These two songs are both amazing and I am really proud to be going to performances by these two powerful women. I will talk to you guys later

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