Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Advice Tuesday: How to Resist Peer Pressure

Hi guys! Today I really wanted to take the blog to a more serious topic because I feel that keeping silent about peer pressure will not help anyone. I dont usually broach these topics as not to upset anyone, however, as I have some pointers I want to share them.

There are a lot of things that the people in our lives want us to do. However, it is how we, individuals, determine what to do and not what to do is what makes us individuals.
Advice # 1:
If you feel it is a danger to you don't do it. I dont care if your friend is jumping off a bridge and they wont respect you. If they don't respect your choice they arent your friend.
Advice # 2:
Don't deny yourself oppurtuinities because you feel uncomfortable. If your friend is sugessting something to you and you know the activity is safe, don't deny yourself the oppurtuinity, because in that case your friend has your best interest in mind.
Advice # 3:
Illegal activities are a bad idea to get involved in. Even if you aren't doing the illegal act you can be charged for knowing the person, so steer clear of things like that.
Advice # 4:
Not all peer pressure is bad. Sometimes peer pressure helps you build character and allows  you to try new and exciting things that you never knew existed.
Advice # 5:
Saying no to things is okay. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable you can say no.
Advice # 6:
But hear out the reasons why your peer wants you to do it. Sometimes, the peer is trying to push you to grow and you don't know it. Try to be open minded and hear them out first before you say no.

Anyways, I hope that anyone, young teen or older adult, this helps. The reason why I wanted to write a post about this is because I think it is important. Some of the advice is common sense, but also my own persoanl expereience. At times I feel uncomfortable, as does everyone else, however, it is okay to say no and know when to push yourself. That all comes with exposure.
My last little bit of advice is to not fear peer pressure. If you fear peer pressure, you lose sight of personal growth and goals, and in the end it holds you back.
I love you guys and I will post something lighter next time. Ciao!

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