Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My week in Pictures: #1, August 20

Hi guys! I have been really busy and I am really sorry for neglecting you guys, but I have been working on improving Pêche et Crème as a more aesthetically pleasing blog. However, I have been taking somewhat of a photo diary of my past week so please enjoy!
I snuck into my neighbours yard and took this picture. I really liked the contrast of colours.
It took a lot of chasing to finally get this little guy to rest in one place but I got the money shot eventually.

This is a wild daisy that I found flourishing in a small patch of grass nestled between gravel patches. I liked the way the petals were overlapped and were asymmetric.
This boat was stranded on the submerged dock which had filled it with lake scuzz, but from afar it's grotesque truth is concealed by the stunning colours.

I hope you like my nature inspired week!

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