Friday, 6 November 2015

My Skin Care Routine + Tips To Find Your Own

  Hey everyone!
Been awhile! But moving past the fact that I suck for not uploading I am going to make it up to you guys by trying to update more often.
Today, I am going to talk about somethings that I have figured out about skincare. Believe it or not I worked for a skin care brand but I'm not going to say which one. While I was working there I picked up quite a few techniques to find the perfect skincare routine! I am also going to show you some of the products I use for my skin.
To start I am going to divulge my skincare advice!
So the first thing I use on my skin care routine is a cleanser. The one I am currently using is the Boscia Cool Cleansing Oil
I really like this because it breaks down all of my make up, feels cooling (much like the title suggests) and doesn't make my skin dry, which I will have you know is a endevour
My next product is the Origins United Stats Balancing Toner.
II like it mostly because I (think I) have really clogged pores so I admire that this toner feels clean. I also appreciate that it doesn't have alcohol in it, so that is a plus.
The next product is the Hydro Plumping Serum from Kiehl's.
Safe to put on the eyes, check. Feels like adding water to your face, check. Keeps my skin from looking like a desert, CHECK!
I suppose it wouldn't be my skin care routine if I didn't have another hydration product, it's the OZ Natural's Moisturizing Serum.
The vitamin E is really good for hydration, but besides the hydration its also great because its cruelty free and good for vegans!
My second last product I use is for just night and it's the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

This is probably the one product that I could not change in my routine unless I could find a very similar alternative. I love the way that it controls my dry skin, helps to reduce my acne (which does occur for dry skin) and it also contains lavender which is really calming.
Lastly, I use the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

What can I really say about this product other then the fact that it is like adding a hydrating blanket to my face... Does that make sense?

So onto part 2!
So I have many tips for skin care.
Tip 1: Take your index fingers and place one on your fore head and one on your cheek. After rub your index fingers and thumbs together. If they feel oily then your oil production is in excess. Note: make sure you are not wearing make up and have cleansed your skin.
Tip 2: There are many skin types, however, for all skin types I recommend stay away from alcohol based products as much as possible as they strip skin, cause irritation and  can cause long term damage. If you do use anything for acne I recommend products with salicylic acid or tea tree oil.
Tip 3: If you purchase anything oil free, make sure that it has another moisture alternative. For example: glycerin as it binds moisture to the skin but is water based so you will not have the issue of clogged pores.
Tip 4: Cleansing oils and Oil Serums aren't bad for your skin. Despite the fear of adding more oil it is actually beneficial as these products match the natural oils within our skin cells.
Tip 5: It takes 28 days for your skin to shed and regrow. Therefore you can't see immediate results. Give your skin care time to adapt to your skin.
Tip 6: If you have sensitive skin try a product first in the crease of the elbow or the inside of the wrist. These areas are thinner and more likely to show sensitivity immediately. Sensitivity or allergic reations very but most commonly there will be redness, discomfort and/or flakiness.

So that's every thing for today and if you ever have any questions I am always available to answer them.
Also I do have a tumblr account and bloglovin accounts as well as my other social network accounts. As always I love you guys and will talk to you guys later!